Legend Corporate provides Personality Development, Soft skills Development programs for the prospective candidates.

We also take up Associate Induction programs for select corporate companies.

Our Training Methodology includes:

  • The services of highly skilled and dedicated trainers from different backgrounds to impart professional skills with varied work experience and expertise would be utilized by us. These professionals work under competitive environments and properly understand the need for the appropriate methodology to be followed up during the skill development training programs for the candidates. They also help the candidates for their Career Planning.
  • Prior to enrolling the candidates for the Skill Development programs, we would be conducting complete background check of the candidates and evaluate their Technical & Communication Skills, commitment for the Organization and their career goal.
  • Based on the feedback, we shall initiate the skill development programs for the shortlisted candidates. We also interact and evaluate the candidate�s ability and willingness to work in teams, before the candidates were exposed to the interview process of the clients for suitable job opportunities after passing out.
  • For the short listed candidates, who are ready to attend the interview process at the client locations, we also conduct Personality Development programs from time to time to make sure that the career graph of these professionals takes an upward turn and grows along with the organizations they work for. These candidates would be trained to have a smooth transition at the new location / the organization with total awareness of the client company�s goals and objectives.
  • The candidates would be trained to understand the concepts like corrective feedback, open door policy, not compromising on quality, effective time management, optimum utilization of available resources, cost effective communication, procedures / formats to be followed, reports to be generated etc., so that they would be the real differentiators and bring value addition to the organisations they work for.
  • We shall always strive to ensure that our clients get the cream of the talented Professionals available across all domains at the end of each program. These resources would be second to none, with in-depth Domain Knowledge, Great Analytical ability and thorough understanding of the services and Products.
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