How Legend Corporate shortlists candidates?

  • In While short listing the candidates for the client submission, we look for the candidate�s willingness to learn, inner urge to emerge as a successful professional, interest in relationship building, enthusiasm to initiate dialogue with people and turn out to be a good team player. We would be conducting focused group discussions so that the candidates would get exposure to healthy and competitive environments which in turn help them to be more interactive at their work locations. Legend Corporate would also look for the candidate to be reflective in nature, innovative and task oriented so that the best output comes out from him/her when put on critical projects.


  • The shortlisted candidates would be put on a process, where in they would be exposed to a concept through which they would be trained to listen, think, understand, digest and respond to any specific query / situation so that they can always come out with a better answer / solution at all times. The above process help transform the candidate from the aspect of gaining knowledge to analyzing the knowledge, from understanding the concepts to synthesizing the same and from application of the knowledge to evaluation of the knowledge. Through this activity, their thinking capacity and analyzing abilities can be synchronized, thus leading to the overall improvement of not only the individual but also that of the team’s progress to the next level. We are confident that these type initiatives would help the client as well as our organization. That’s what Legend Corporate calls the ‘wholesome transformation of the individual for self and organizational growth and progress.
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